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Your Crypto

Mint Now For 555.5 HEX

The Your Keys Your Crypto collection is a tribute to cryptocurrency founder Richard Heart & his innovative products HEX, PulseChain & PulseX. Richard is largely responsible for popularizing the phrase "Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins" meaning if you don't have access to the private keys of your crypto assets, you don't truly own them. Mint a YKYC NFT to join the self-custody movement & show your support for Richard Heart & his teachings.

555.5 HEX per NFT
5% Secondary Sales Royalty


Each YKYC NFT is randomly generated based on a preset list of backgrounds & Richard Heart images. Check out the list below to see how rare your NFT is & all the possible variations.


Unique Images
(3947, 71.1%)
HEX Background
(607, 10.9%)
PLS Background
Super Rare
(604, 10.9%)
PLSX Background
(397, 7.1%)
PLS & HEXBackground


No Glasses
Only PLS Eyes
Only HEX Eyes
Only PLSX Eyes
PLS + HEX Eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are YKYC NFTs?

Your Keys Your Crypto NFTs are a collection of randomly generated digital artworks tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features 5,555 custom depictions of revolutionary cryptocurrency founder Richard Heart. Richard is 1 of the most notable advocates for the self-custody of crypto assets & the elimination of middlemen/counter-party risk. This collection aims to spread awareness of Richard, his projects & his teachings about self-custody & the 1st principles of crypto.

What Does "Your Keys Your Crypto" Mean?

"Your Keys Your Crypto" is a variation of the saying "Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins". "Not Your Keys, Not your Coins" is an expression used to signify that you don't truly own your cryptocurrency unless it's stored in a digital wallet where you control the private keys. Your Keys Your Crypto means just the opposite, & signifies that you are in complete control of your private keys & therefore are practicing proper self-custody of your crypto assets.

What Are HEX, PulseChain & PulseX?

HEX is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is often cited as the 1st high-yield time deposit created on the blockchain. HEX's software self-executes based solely on the terms of an immutable smart contract. HEX encourages self-custody & DeFi trading, which eliminates middlemen as well as counter-party risk. HEX.COM

is a faster, cheaper, deflationary, fee-burning, energy-efficient Ethereum fork. The chain aims to copy the entire system state of the Ethereum blockchain & provide existing holders with a 1:1 airdrop of all their Ethereum tokens on PulseChain, making it the largest airdrop in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

PulseX is PulseChain's native Automated Market Maker. Like PulseChain's native token $PLS, PulseX's token $PLSX is also deflationary, as $PLSX token is burned after each transaction on the PulseX exchange. PulseX will likely be the most liquid exchange on the PulseChain blockchain, making $PLSX token increasingly scarce.

Who Made This Collection?

An anonymous, independent artist & developer. The developer is also working on a separate crypto token project built on the PulseChain blockchain. To learn more, follow the dev on Twitter.

I'm New To NFTs, How Do I Mint?

New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to Mint your own YKYC NFT.

  1. Download the MetaMask extension for the Chrome/Brave browser or use the mobile app. This will allow you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain & use 1 of the minting buttons on this page.
  2. You can purchase Ethereum from, or Send Ethereum to MetaMask from another exchange/dApp.
  3. Click on the Connect Wallet button in the Mint a YKYC NFT section on this page to connect your wallet. Once connected, decide how many NFTs you would like, you will then be able to mint after signing & approving your transaction in MetaMask. Note: There is a gas fee associated with each transaction that is not included in the minting cost.
  4. Once you have minted, your NFT will be sent to your wallet as an ERC-721 token & include metadata with the location of the image file. Your NFT will be also available to view on OpenSea & IPFS.

Why Should I Mint?

There are a limited amount of YKYC NFTs available to mint, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each NFT will serve as a tokenized digital collectible & allow you to join a community that's focused on spreading awareness of the 1st principles of crypto. Minting also supports an independent artist & developer who may or may not use some of the funds to build additional exciting crypto projects. The initial utility for these NFTs will be pfp's, meme's, community membership & ownership rights associated with each image. You are also going to get a 1:1 copy of your NFT on the PulseChain blockchain if you mint before the PLS mainnet launches. Additional functionality may or may not be added at a later date, but there should be no expectation of profit from the work of others & an expressed agreement that no investment contract is being offered, as nothing is promised after minting.

Where Can I Learn More?

Follow @RichardHeartWin on Twitter, Richard Heart on YouTube as well as the dev @PoNWPulseChain on Twitter. Feel free to dm the dev at any time with questions